Worksheet 9: “Restarting…”

This WS encloses into a single situation all the meanings dealt with in the previous ones. It leads to the two statements in the continuous case: (i) the area under the daily deaths is the variation of the running total and (ii) the derivative of the running total is the daily deaths. To conclude that Read more about Worksheet 9: “Restarting…”[…]

Worksheet 3: “…to continuous”

Instead of “passing to the limit” or considering infinitesimal increments, the WS suggests an epidemic that has last for a longtime. The students are asked to express the moving average on a one-day basis. It is suggested that this one day is an infinitesimal time-interval, thereby seeking to engage their spontaneous conceptions on infinitesimals. WS-3 Read more about Worksheet 3: “…to continuous”[…]